SpaceX Successfully Lands Falcon 9 Rocket On Droneship

The Falcon 9 has landed.

After several previous failed attempts to land the first stage of a Falcon 9 rocket on a droneship in the ocean, the company succeeded in a beautiful landing on the droneship Of Course I Love You. The landing followed the successful launch of its Dragon capsule into orbit, where it will spend the next two days heading towards the International Space Station.

International Space Development Conference (ISDC) - You're Invited

Team ISP:

An incredible event will be happening from May 18th through the 22nd in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The National Space Society's International Space Development Conference (ISDC) will change your life. I've personally attended the ISDC over a dozen times and this year's will be special.

Jeff Bezos Launches And Lands Again In Another First For Booming Space Industry

Two months after Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin launched a rocket just past the boundary of space and then recovered it in a soft landing, the space company repeated the feat Friday with the same rocket in another breakthrough for the booming commercial space industry.

SpaceX Makes History, Successfully Lands Falcon 9 Rocket Following Orbital Launch

SpaceX was on-track to have a rather disappointing 2015 after losing a rocket in June during a resupply mission to the International Space Station. With just days left in the year, SpaceX has redeemed itself and reached a new milestone in human spaceflight. SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket yesterday evening, sent its payload into orbit, then the first stage was landed safely to be reused. This is a big, big deal.

Congress Says Yes To Space Mining, No To Rocket Regulations

Space: the final franchise. These are the entrepreneurs funding near space voyages and starship enterprises. Their continuing mission statement: to explore lucrative new orbits, to seek out new ores and new deregulations, to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Capitalistic Captain Kirks rejoice! Yesterday the US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act soared through both congressional houses with vacuum-like ease.

China Successfully Debuts Its Long March 11

China has successfully conducted the debut launch of its Long March 11 rocket. The new booster lofted four micro-satellites into space. The lift-off took place at 9:41 p.m. EDT Thursday, Sept. 24 (1:41 a.m. UTC Friday, Sept. 25) from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the northwestern province of Gansu. The rocket delivered a trio of Tianwang satellites and the Pujiang 1 spacecraft into a Sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) at an altitude of about 299 miles (481 km), inclined 97.3 degrees.

China Conducts Debut Launch of Long March 6

China initiated a new era in its space exploration with the debut of a new family of launch vehicle. The first Long March-6 (Chang Zheng-6) rocket was successfully launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, with a multi-payload cargo of 20 small satellites. Launch took place at 23:01:14.331 UTC on Saturday.

A Wildly Detailed 100-Year Plan For Getting Humans To Mars

In the summer of 1986, Ron Jones was sitting on a beach in Oahu drawing lines in the sand. It was a few months after the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff, and Jones was suddenly out of a job. He’d been working as an aerospace engineer at Vandenberg Air Force base, helping build out Space Launch Complex 6—the area the Air Force planned to use for launches before everything came to a screeching halt when NASA put the brakes on the shuttle program.

Smithsonian Kickstarter Campaign Raises Over $700,000 To Restore Apollo Spacesuits

It’s official. The Smithsonian’s crowdfunding campaign to preserve and display Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit ended early this morning. And it was such a huge success, they’ll be restoring Alan Shepard’s suit as well.

The Smithsonian smashed through its goal of $500,000, ultimately raising $719,799 from 9,477 contributors. The campaign, called “Reboot the Suit” was launched last month as a crowdfunding effort to complement its other fundraising.