World's Largest Space telescope Is Complete, Expected To Launch In 2018

After more than 20 years of construction, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is complete and, following in-depth testing, the largest-ever space telescope is expected to launch within two years, NASA officials announced today (Nov. 2).

Where Does Jeff Bezos Foresee Putting Space Colonists? Inside O'Neill Cylinders

SpaceX’s Elon Musk wants to settle humans on Mars. Others talk about a Moon Village. But Seattle billionaire Jeff Bezos has a different kind of off-Earth home in mind when he talks about having millions of people living and working in space.

Jeff Bezos Wants You To Join Him In Outer Space

Thanks to the internet, just about anyone with a great idea can disrupt industries. That kind of thing simply isn't possible when it comes to developing new businesses for outer space.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO, said Thursday that this difference is a central reason why he wanted to create his rocket company Blue Origin 16 years ago. Using his massive wealth from founding Amazon, Bezos said, he wants to help develop the "heavy-lifting infrastructure" to allow space startups to proliferate in the future.

Orbital ATK's Antares Rocket Returns To Flight With Gorgeous Night Cargo Launch

 WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. — We have liftoff! For the first time in two years, an Orbital ATK Antares rocket has successfully launched into space, departing NASA's Wallops Flight Facility here this evening (Oct. 17) on a mission to deliver supplies to the International Space Station (ISS).

SpaceX's Mars Plans Call For Massive 42-Engine Reusable Rocket

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk announced plans by his company to develop a large new launch vehicle and reusable spacecraft that could be ready to take large numbers of people to Mars as soon as the mid-2020s.



China Launched Its Second Space Station This Morning

China successfully launched its second space station, Tiangong-2, at 10:04 a.m. EDT this morning on a Long March 2F rocket. The space station will serve as a laboratory and research facility for international science experiments as well as a stepping stone for a third, self-sustained space station that the People's Republic hopes to launch in the coming years.